About Secret Doors

Secret Doors was founded with the desire to provide a way for its’ members to connect with people that they have a common interest no matter their ethnicity or sexual orientation. The Secret Doors website is discreet and with the knowledge of how important that is to our members during interactions with others on our site, we promise to protect what goes on behind Secret Doors.

By joining Secret Doors, you can connect with singles, couples, straight, gay, bisexual, genderfluid, and transgender members in your local city or town as well as in other cities.

Our membership offers you the opportunity to connect with people living a traditional sexual lifestyle or connect with people who live an alternative sexual lifestyle.

You may ask, what is an alternative sexual lifestyle dating experience? On Secret Doors In addition to the straight man and woman connections you will find opportunities for a connection to members who are swinger couples, gay singles or gay couples, lesbian singles or lesbian couples, members in poly relationships, open relationships or connect with members who are transgender M>F or F>M.

We also give our members the ability to express their interests right in their profiles so that you can have a preview of who you may want to connect with. You may have an interest in casual dating, a friendship or you may be looking for a monogamous relationship. You may however be looking for a connection with more adventurous members where you both have an interest in cybersex, hookups, meetups, nudism, voyeurs, cross dressing, anonymous encounters, etc.

You will find your connection and one that shares your interests on Secret Doors!

When you join Secret Doors, you will never receive fake bot messages that appear after you sign up. These bots on other dating sites try to fool you that they are real people profiles! We will never do that!

Secret Doors believes in really helping our users make authentic online connections.

Secret Doors makes it easy to explore and connect with like-minded people who share the same interest as you. Sign up for free! www.behindsecetdoors.com